Die Love, E’er to Live

Today life, it doesn’t flow right
Today it passes o’er minutes stranger
Where purpose and light do not know right
And the morning brought depression’s danger
Rusted love beneath the ribs
Hard to breathe, and hard to rest
I ask to dance, the effort lies
Left barren the intent to try
Walk on and forward, ever trudge
Work the limbs though ne’er I want to
Smile weak, but just enough
Convince all eyes I am not through
Oh world, flow ’round, infuse these bones
Help me breathe and let me fly
Use art and song to wake this soul
Help me live or let me die
Take part in paths to show real beauty
Teach me joy amidst the grey
For living still my sacred duty
While dying daily to love’s decay – J.R.Cooper
Writing is such a crucial part of life; a creative force, a healing therapy, an expressive intent, it’s soul-searching, communicative. This medium holds such discovery, and should be taken advantage of daily. From songs, to poems, to books, the ocean of your soul is waiting to be explored, and there is romance there in those depths. It is like the creatures of the deep, that have always been mysterious and beautiful, though no eye ever knew, or ever cared.
I will never be a popular author, more than likely. It is a big world, and I play but a meager part. But for that part, I will feel with all of me, express with all of me, and burn with all of me until my days are gone. For how you feel, and who you were when such was written is your absolute truth about that moment in time. And never once in all of heaven or in all the world has such a precise thing occurred exactly that way. No one can take it out of the world now.
Job 19:24,
“That with an iron stylus and lead They were engraved in the rock forever!”
What language fills you today?

Author: J.R. Cooper

Author, Christian Fiction, Apologetics, Creationism vs Evolution, Published with Touch Publishing

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