The Bible

The Bible – The Bible is comprised of 66 separate books, and it was written over a period of at least 1,500 years by more than 40 authors of various backgrounds (Moses – political leader; Joshua – general; Solomon – king; Amos – shepherd; Nehemiah – cup-bearer; Daniel – politician; Peter – fisherman; Luke – physician; Matthew – tax-collector), in various locations (desert; prison; mountains; palace; during journeys; during exile, city), on three continents (Asia, Africa and Europe) and in three languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek). It is unique in its scope (beginning of time to the end of time/ Alpha Omega) and consistent theme (Jesus Christ). It is never changing, as truth does not change, and is ever relevant, addressing every emotion of the human condition, throughout both light and dark times, and is applicable to every people group. It is superior in its circulation as one of the first books ever translated, first book printed, and most-translated and most-spread book ever. The bible is exclusive in its survival, having been hand copied with exhaustive, meticulous diligence without having suffered loss of accuracy or existence; it has survived hateful and constant persecution, having been maliciously burned, banned, and outlawed; and has survived criticisms of the highest order, still held in the highest esteem through centuries of intense scholastic attacks. It contains classic literary character and form, utilizing poetry, historical narrative, idylls, patriotism, practical wisdom, philosophy, short stories, letters, parables, and prophesies. It contains epic moral character, allowing mankind to be lifted up, and singularly offers to repair a relationship with a holy God through a perfect sacrifice, allowing no one to remain neutral. It is uniquely accurate, beingtheopneustos’ or God-breathed, and yet having countless indicators of its overwhelming accuracy through several fields of study such as astronomy, physics, medicine, biology, archeology, geography, world history, chemistry, oceanography, and many others; and to date no historic fact in the Bible ever has been shown to be in error. And finally, one of the strongest indicators of profound uniqueness in the word of God is the occurrence of fulfilled prophesies throughout the life of Jesus Christ, and throughout history, setting it apart from every other religious book that ever existed.

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